Extra Services

Resource Room

Special Educators work with and support students identified with a disability ranging from ADHD to Autism. Instructional Reading, English, Math and support Study Hall are provided for qualifying students. These students come in to take quizzes and tests throughout the day for more individual attention. Instructions may be repeated, tasks broken down into parts, questions read aloud, and much more.








Some years a special education teacher(s) will push-in to a general education classroom. Push-in can mean a few different things - commonly seen as co-teaching a class or to support a few students that need it in a classroom with a mixture of students with and without a disability.

Teacher Aides

Several trained educators assist with day to day instruction for a small number of students. They work with students needing assistance getting from class to class, with students needing Response to Intervention (RTI) minutes, with students constant need of adult reinforcement, and so much more.







Social Work

Ms. Stacey Goodwin and Ms. Jessica Hill work with several students at the Grade School, the Middle School, and the High School. These two work through social situations, conduct yoga classes, develop personal space, and many other things! Any time a student needs to talk or needs a moment to breath - please contact Mrs. Goodwin or Mrs. Hill!



Speech Pathology

Mrs. Rachel Aupperle and Mrs. Meg Sullivan work with several students in our school district. They work on beyond the commonly thought of stutter. Many students need work on which pitch to speak at, what words should and/or can be said, how to understand what is heard and said, and so much!



Special Education Administration

Mrs. Lori McCoy is the lady in charge for all things Special Education for three school districts Macon County. She is the Special Education Administrator (SEA) for all three schools in the Maroa-Forsyth District. Mrs. McCoy attends almost all Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings and fine-tunes all work. She updates us on new legislation and makes sure all paperwork is in order.


Mrs. Kathy Horath - Director of Special Education, Macon-Piatt Special Education


Mr. Travis Friedrich - Assistant Director of Special Education, Macon-Piatt Special Education


School Psychologist

Mr. Alfred (Fred) Spitzzeri completes IEP case reviews. He also conducts academic and functional testing with students in our school district.


School Nurses

The school nurses kindly assist with medication, vision and hearing testing, and dietary restrictions.



Intervention Specialist

At the grade school, Mrs. Jessica Patrick works with several groups of kiddos on skills in need of improvement. These groups work on anything from math facts to social skills! She oversees the Response to Intervention (RTI) process, which helps provide special education services.


Hearing Impaired Teacher/Hearing Itinerant

Mrs. Samantha Robbins works through Macon-Piatt Special Education. She works at several schools in both Macon and Piatt counties. Mrs. Robbins works with a few students in our district on language and communication skills, executive functioning skills, and independence skills. She also knows all the ins and outs of hearing devices - hearing aids and cochlear implants.