Special Education

What makes education special?

Education is special in so many ways - especially when it comes to students with special needs. Education has adapted over time and with it comes adaptions to instruction, curriculum, and so much more. Students with special needs live to the beat of their own drums. We as educators meet these students where they are and do everything we can to make progress. It truly takes a village to help all students learn! Meet the many faces of Special Education in our school district below.

Faces of Change

Rachel aupperle

Rachel Aupperle

  • Speech-Language Pathologist
V Bruce

Vicki Bruce

  • Teachers' Aide
Amy Clawson

Amy Clawson

  • Special Education
S Goodwin

Stacy Goodwin

  • Social Worker
I Handley

Ivy Handley

  • Special Education
Audra heckwine

Audra Heckwine

  • Special Education

Marsha Huffman

  • Paraeducator
Dawn jackson

Dawn Jackson

  • Aide
B Nashland

Rebecca Nashland

  • Special Education
H Ohlemeyer

Heather Ohlemeyer

  • Teachers' Aide
J Ohlemeyer

Jeff Ohlemeyer

  • Teachers' Aide
Larae robinson

LaRae Robinson

  • Nurse

Doug Smith

  • Resource