Q & A: Principals

Are students handled differently?

  • Should students with disabilities be treated differently when it comes to grades or discipline?
  • It all depends on the nature of the students disability.
  • Often, the punishment becomes a lot more about teaching than a consequence.
  • Remember that fair does not always mean equal.
  • Look at where each student is coming from and ask yourself why the their behavior has changed and/or why grades have dropped.
  • Speak with the special education teachers, the social workers, the speech pathologists, and/or the hearing staff in your building and ask what is the best way to handle a situation!

Any advice to share?

  • Understand what triggered the changed behavior - try to see from the student's shoes.
  • Remember fair isn't always equal.
  • Use the best strategy for that individual student.
  • Work as team - the teachers, parents, the student, social worker, coaches, and trusted peers or adults.

What are some resources (ex. books, movies, videos, etc.) we should look into?

  • Movie: Paper Tigers
  • Book: The Whole Brain Child
  • Trauma Related Resources

Q & A: Special Education Teachers

Any easy adaptions for the classroom?

  • Limit the amount of answers
  • Study Guides at the beginning of a chapter or unit
  • Preview Vocabulary
  • Allow for oral responses
  • Conference with peers and Ask for advice
  • Seek out the Special Ed. Staff
  • Twist'n'Write Pencil

Any helpful resources?

Any helpful books, videos, podcasts, etc.?

Facebook Pages

  • WeAreTeachers
  • Create-abilities
  • The Teacher Next Door


  • Truth for Teachers
  • The Cult of Pedagogy
  • Teach Me, Teacher

Q & A: Social Workers

What do you commonly work on with students?

Ms. Goodwin and Ms. Hill serve the students our District. Social workers work on many skills that make up Social-Emotional Learning. For example, they work with students on self regulation skills, coping skills, and more functional skills like eye contact. Many times these two work with students to manage stress from the world beyond the school setting and use strategies to become independent.

Recommend resources?