School Supplies

Help your middle school student be well prepared for the year.

To assist students with the organizational skills necessary to be successful in the middle school environment, sixth through eighth grade teachers have designed 1” view binders for student use. View binders will be color coded for each of the five core subjects (English, reading, math, science, and social studies). The binders will also include the appropriate number of index tab dividers per subject. The cost for five binders with dividers will be $25. View binders with dividers will be available for purchase at registration. The students receive their binders the first days of school. If you have questions, please contact the office.

Supply List

  • 2 red pens
  • 2 black/blue pens
  • 5 pencils
  • 2 highlighters (prefer yellow)
  • 2 packages index cards (3 x5)
  • 2 Composition notebook
  • 2 Spiral Notebooks
  • 1 Large Glue Stick
  • 3 large package notebook filler paper
  • 1 pink eraser
  • 2 Folders w/ paper attaching prongs (8th Grade)
  • 1 Pencil Pouch
  • 5 1” view binders (see above)
  • 1 Set of Headphones (Recommended but not required)

Replenish supplies as needed. Please no Case-It large capacity zipper binders.

Download a printable version of the school supply list.