Middle School Promotion

July 10, 2020

Plans and Guidelines for Middle School Promotion

Middle School Promotion

July 24, 2020

6:00 PM

  • Graduation will be held on the Maroa-Forsyth High School football field.
  • Each Class of 2020 8th grade student will be limited to 4 guests.
    • Tickets will be provided to students at graduation practice on July 24th. Everyone must have a ticket to enter.
    • Tickets will indicate an assigned seating area, as well as a specific entrance and exit area.
    • We will have approximately 7 zones for people to sit in.
    • Families may sit together but 6 feet of separation between families.
  • Promotion will also be live streamed for those who can’t attend.
  • At the conclusion of promotion, the students will leave the football field. All guests will exit through the same gate they entered after students have exited. We encourage families to leave
    the parking lot as soon as possible to avoid large gatherings.
  • Due to the warmer weather outside, students are allowed to dress more casual for promotion. Shorts are allowed for all students.
  • Promotion practice will be on Friday, July 24th at 9:00 am.
  • If the weather doesn’t allow for promotion, there will not be a make-up date.

Health and Safety Guidelines

  • Face masks will be required to enter but can be removed once seated.
  • Families may sit together but there should be 6 feet separation between families
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.
  • We encourage everyone to take their temperatures before to help eliminate any issues.
  • Diplomas placed on chairs for students, no shaking hands.
  • Students are not allowed to use silly string to celebrate promotion.
  • Bleachers and chairs will be sanitized before and after the ceremony
  • Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized before and after the ceremony.
  • Students and guest can bring a drink with them if needed.

If your child is not going to participate in the promotion ceremony, please email me by July 17th. We need an accurate count so we can plan the logistics of student seating and how many sections we will
need for parents.


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