Maroa-Forsyth Trojans Versus Williamsville Bullets

September 23, 2019

On Monday September 23rd the Maroa-Forsyth Junior Varsity team played the Williamsville Bullets after a heartbreaking loss the previous Friday night.

By John Joliff, Braden Vangeison, Xander Simms, and Jameryeon Freemon

The Trojans played a physical game fueled by the previous varsity loss to Williamsville. First quarter had Trojans up 18-14. Maroa-Forsyth then won the JV half of the game with a final score of 32-20. The Trojan Frosh team then handled business with a statement win over Williamsville. Following the game we met up and interviewed Rob Gentle numbers 88 and 50.

  1. Does your team have any techniques that your team uses? Rob: “Lots of effort on the team. Our defence stands out too”
  2. Who is the best on your team? Rob: “for Jv Jameson Allen and Jacob Blunk.” Rob: “And the second half I would say Ben Hubbard was the best.”
  3. Do you know how your team did last year? Rob “We did pretty good last year,I think we only lost one game and it was to this team,Williamsville”.
  4. How did you think you did this game? Rob “I think I did pretty good this game couple of missed tackles but did get a few hits.”
  5. Do you know who has the most touchdown on your team? Rob “I would guess Jacob Blunk.”
  6. How do you think your team will do this year? Rob “I think we’ll do pretty good, I don’t think we’ll lose that many.”
  7. Do you have a team captain? Rob “Wade Jostes, Stone Sowa, Tanner Hetz, and Cody Marsh”

Jv Roster

No. Name

2 Jacob Blunck

3 Jack Applebee

4 Jameson Allen

5 Mason Penhallegon

6 Ben Hubbard

8 LaRon McCloud

9 Jack Horve

10 Kile Campbell

14 Austin Miller

21 Landon Albert

25 William Hoffman

32 Zach Frazier

33 Cade Culp

36 Max Brady

50/88 Rob Gentle

51 John Aupperle

52 Rece Fitzpatrick

53 Ben Motter

54 Aiden Riser

55 Codey Harbin

56 Brodie Hassinger

58 Aiden Littrell

59 Qaasim Jatoi

61 Dalton Scott

62 Ashton Feller

64 Daniel Hoffman

65 Reid Fitzpatrick

75 Chase Larson

76 Mason Ohlemeyer

78 Cade Richards


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