Maroa Forsyth JFL

August 31, 2019

The Junior Football team played the Monticello Sages at Maroa-Forsyth High School on August 31st 2019.

By: Peyton Peters, Addison Penhallegon, Brynn Jostes, Hailey Beube

The kicker was number 34, Steven Hoffman. Mitch Williams scored a touchdown in the first quarter giving them 6 points. At 8:42, Sages scored their second touchdown in the second quarter making the score 6-12 Sages. Kaiden then scored a touchdown in the second quarter of 75 yards. Score is now 12-12. The Trojans scored another touchdown by Kaiden Maurer giving the Trojans a 20-12 heading into halftime.

At the end of the third quarter Brady Larson scored a touchdown making the score 26-12. As the time ran out with the trojans on top winning 18-32.

We asked Mitch Williams and Kaiden Maurer how they think their game went and what they could’ve done better. This is their answers. “I think the game was good. We could’ve passed a little more on defense, but overall we played a good game” Kaiden Maurer said. “We should’ve hit lower on defense. We didn’t play very well on defense” Mitch Williams said.


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