End of Year

May 01, 2020

A message to students from Dr. Kahler

Dear Students,

As a school year ends I am always excited for some down time, sad to see you leave, and anxious to have you back in the building in the fall. The ending of this year has been very different because we didn’t get to have our end of the year traditions. I hope you take time to reflect on this pandemic, what you did while at home, how your life has changed, and what you want to change as we move to our new normal. This is something that will be learned about by future students, and you will be able to share your accounts of what living through the Covid-19 pandemic was like.

This is the last week of Remote Learning. Next week we will not be picking packets up. You may drop them off when you come to clean out your lockers, or by Friday, May 8th​. Make sure you participate in the Zoom meetings with your teachers as much as you possibly can. This is a great chance to say goodbye for the summer. Locker clean out will begin on Monday, May 4​th​. We will bag all the students’ personal items and set them next to their locker. We will also get anything out of their PE lockers for them and put them in the bag. Students will be allowed into the building according to the schedule below. The number of students allowed in at one time will be limited. Students will be able to get their bag and drop off their books for both classrooms and the library. We will distribute these back to the teachers and library. If you have paper copies of work to turn in that day we will get it to the teachers. Some students have athletic equipment in Mr. Peters’s room and they will be allowed to retrieve it while here.

The locker clean out schedule is:

Monday, May 4 6​th​ grade by last names beginning with

8:00-9:00 A-C

9:00-10:00 D-F

10:00-11:00 G-I

11:00-12:00 J-L

12:00-1:00 M-O

1:00-2:00 P-R

Tuesday, May 5 6​th​ grade by last names beginning with

8:00-9:00 S-U

9:00-10:00 V-Z

7​th​ grade by last names beginning with

10:00-11:00 A-C

11:00-12:00 D-F

12:00-1:00 G-I

1:00-2:00 J-L

2:00-3:00 M-N

Wednesday, May 6 7​th​ grade by last names beginning with

8:00-9:00 O-Q

9:00-10:00 R-U

10:00-11:00 V-Z

8​th​ grader by last names beginning with

11:00-12:00 A-C

12:00-1:00 D-F

1:00-2:00 G-I

2:00-3:00 J-L

Thursday, May 7 8​th​ grader by last names beginning with

8:00-9:00 M-O

9:00-10:00 P-R

10:00-11:00 S-U

11:00-12:00 V-Z

Our 8​th​ grade promotion will be July 24​th​. More information will be coming to the parents of 8​th graders in email and will be posted on our website and social media. The rules regarding gatherings are changing frequently, and I want to be able to provide information with as few of changes as possible, so I will send information in early June with all of the information we have at that time.

I hope you all have a good summer and are anxious to return in the fall!


Dr. Kahler


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