Community Engagement Meeting #3 Summary

December 09, 2019

Learn more about what was presented and the most supported ideas from our third Community Engagement Meeting!

Community members and district representatives gathered at the Maroa-Forsyth Middle School on November 13, 2019 to discuss facility planning. Over 80 citizens were in attendance.

Building tours were offered 30 minutes before the meeting began. The goal of meeting #2 in the district’s community engagement process was to summarize the work to date, present further developed costs and details re: the preferred scenarios, and then take an individual vote re: preferences.

Potential Scenarios

Sam Johnson (BLDD Architects) presented the top 3 potential scenarios in more detail. These were narrowed down based on feedback from meeting #2 and included:

  • Status Quo (for comparison)
  • Construction of new MS on existing site (Maroa)
  • Addition to HS to create 6-12 facility (Maroa)
  • Construction of new MS on GS site (Forsyth)

The following details were provided for each of these potential scenarios: tax impact, rough site illustrations, first costs, the cost to operate and maintain over a typical life cycle (30 years), functional adequacy score, pros and cons, and how well it met an optimal middle school program of spaces.

A cost-benefit analysis of all scenarios was performed using QLEO, a proprietary software developed by BLDD Architects, which takes into consideration both life-cycle costs and functional improvements.


For questions, please contact Dr. John Ahlemeyer, Superintendent
or 217-794-3488, Ext. 5103



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