FAQ - e-Learning Days

Here's a list of frequently asked questions regarding e-Learning Days

What is an eLearning Day?

An eLearning Day approach allows us to provide an "instructional day" even if our buildings are not open due to weather. If weather does not permit us to be in session, we will deploy an eLearning Day. On these days, teachers and administrators will e-mail and post assignments, lessons, and enrichment activities to parents and students by 9am. Teachers will be available via e-mail to answer questions as they arise.

Won't this look different at each grade level?

Each grade level of teachers will be collaborating on any eLearning Day to collectively develop experiences that are grade level appropriate and ideally a continuation of what has been happening in the classroom. Examples could include a review of content in social studies, a reinforcement activity in math, a video introduction of a unit, or a spelling or writing prompt. At higher grade levels, many of our students are already engaged in digital platforms for classes utilizing google classroom. In these cases, teachers will simply assign experiences as though the student were in attendance. For the lower grades, take home learning packets will be made available in advance for students to have these materials at home already.

Will students that cannot complete the work be penalized?

Absolutely not! We understand that internet access may not be available to everyone, and that some students may not be able to complete all tasks assigned by instructors. We also want to be clear that not all activities will need the internet to be completed. These days are meant to enhance learning and be formative in nature. Any activity that is assigned during an eLearning Day will not be directly tied to a grade upon return to school. That being said, it is possible that homework will be assigned in anticipation of a snow day by our instructors. Our teachers will allow students to "catch up" if needed upon our return to school just like a normal student absence is handled.

Will this be our policy moving forward?

The short answer is that we hope that it is. However, we realize that this is a new and innovative idea that we will be analyzing and assessing along the way. We reserve the right to pull the plug if necessary. That being said, our staff is excited to innovate and lead the way toward what we believe will be a trend in public education moving forward.